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Diode all wave rectifying add IGBT chopping to replace SCR rectifying,it’s improving the power factor;The DC part and inverter part into one cabinet,which reduce the waterway and circuit between the cabinets,which is effectively avoiding the electrical interference and reducing the installation time.
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The factors which controlling hf welding

In high-frequency welding, the influence of welding speed on welding process should be reflected in extrusion roll forming elements, material characteristics elements, welding power elements, welding frequency elements and welding speed elements. Through the analysis of the actual impact of wel...

Mingshuo Electric passed TUV certification and obtained gold product certification and strength certification

In 2017, Mingshuo solid state high frequency welding machine  obtained Russian GOST – R certification due to the needs of customers’ welding machine certificates; In 2020, Mingshuo Group won a technical patent on welding machine,and several other parents about welder are being applied for. ...

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